MT21 Mechanical Seal

MT21 can replace Johncrane Type 21 mechanical seals, AESSEAL P04, Vulcan 24

MT21D is DIN standard, it is interchangeable with AESSEAL P03, Vulcan 11

MT21 and MT21D can be used widely in general purpose of centrifugal pumps.

For example, MT21D-32mm, 33mm, 43mm, 53mm, 55mm, 60mm are very common seen in Southern Cross Pumps in Australia. And Also some other sizes for Star-line pump, KSB pump, Flowserve TKL pump, Mono pumps and so on.

When it can handle the pressure of pumping media, it is an economic choice. Sealing material s are available in different combination of Carbon/Ceramic/NBR, Sic/Sic/Viton, Carbon/Sic/Viton, TC/TC/Viton and EPDM Viton as well.

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